about us

Galaxy of Graphics, Ltd. was created as a sister company to the Arthur A. Kaplan Company. The Arthur A. Kaplan Company, through over 5 decades in business, was a pillar in the picture publishing industry as one of its most recognized names and respected entities. In 1983, the directors at the Arthur A. Kaplan Company recognized their customers' need for more sophisticated, upscale artwork, and developed Galaxy of Graphics, Ltd. as an alternative to meet this demand.

With this backdrop, Galaxy has successfully evolved into one of the leaders of the fine art world by continually publishing both timeless, classic "over the sofa" images as well as meeting the demand for the customer looking for a more modern, trend-conscious line.

As Galaxy of Graphics enters its 5th decade in business, you will see in the collection it has been able to carve its own niche in the home decor marketplace by publishing images in line with the most current subjects, patterns and colors in contemporary culture.

Galaxy of Graphics, Ltd., like its original sister company the Arthur A. Kaplan Company, is a family-run business. Galaxy attributes its success and constant growth to being a byproduct of placing such a high value on its relationships with its customers, its employees and its artists. Galaxy is proud to have developed a strong base network of customers and artists worldwide. Galaxy images are sold only to the trade.